Friday, 15 March 2013

Eliademy a mobile MOOC platform resides in the Cloud

Another great initiative called Eliademy is getting more attention as it rolls out one day at the time. The people of TechCrunch got me onto this wonderful open course initiative. Eliademy provides people to build their own MOOC courses (for free) and get your own learner base up to speed with relevant content/cases/expertise... This time it is an initiative coming from Finland, more precisely from ex-Nokia high-profiled visionairs. The idea is easy enough: take Moodle, adapt it to usability (lean, smooth immediate overview and orientation), develop it so people can build courses using different languages. You can prepare content and keep it invisible for your learners, or publish it whenever you feel like it. The process is simple, you can log in/register with an existing account from e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn or Gmail.
You can add content, start discussions, a timeline, get annotations or notes in (which is conveniently linked to Evernote, making it a perfect ubiquitous fit).

BUT, although it is in the cloud, I have not found a way to link it to my own existing learning channels. From a content angle you can really easily add a picture, file, youtube or vimeo video, or link it to slideshare, but that just is not enough. In my opinion, nowadays many of us have curated content streams set-up somewhere, and these types of content streams can be seen as learning options, as they are filtered and focused. There is a feed for the course, so I would imagine this feed could be merged with others. Having said that, it could be that such an option exists, as I only took a brief look and could not find it. I also did not see a virtual classroom tool, but that could be integrated using HangOut over Youtube, with youtube being integrated in the course itself (a workaround).

What I would like to see is the Moodle (or other) type of central - collaboratively adaptable - central content environment, with options such as provided by Netvibes , a plea for Open Content Stream Resources (not sure if that type of term exists :-D but it is related to Open Educational Resources (OER), yet of the streamed and curated type). That way the course could be fitted amidst a more realistic content dynamic, more like a Lego type of content creation and not fitting all the content of a course in the confinement of a bordered learning environment. By leaving this curated option open, the course content can also be fertilized by ideas and content produced by the learners themselves.

But overall: really easy, simple, ubiquitous course platform that can be enriched with content in just a few moments. Nice.