Wednesday, 13 February 2013

UNESCO presentation why a MOOC should be mobile #mooc #mlw2013

MOOCs are getting everyone excited. While most of the discussions focus on the impact of MOOCs on Higher Education, the focus of the presentation below will be on the effect of mobile accessibility on learner interactions, as well as overall description of the MobiMOOC case (a MOOC course on mobile learning).

The presentation will be shown and discussed during the upcoming UNESCO mobile learning week in Paris, France and a short description of the presentation can be found here. The mLearning week will get a lot of good people together to analyse mobile learning across the globe and see where we can be heading to ensure education for all (or at least increase educational access). If you want to follow what is happening during the mLearning week, you can also follow the  hashtag.

There will also be some online webinars that are open to all, so if you cannot make it to Paris, make sure you log on to the webinars (look at the right menubar once the link of the webinar opens for more information).