Wednesday 23 January 2013

@LucidChart for #collaborative work and organizing

As I am following (read this as occasionally reading and even more infrequently reacting) in OldsMOOC (the  free open online course on learning design), I got hold of LucidChart. A wonderful way of working with a team on both mindmaps, flowchart or organizational charts.
What struck me was the ease of use to start with it and the really quick way to get everyone involved in a team effort. There are ample tutorials and I could easily register with my Google account so with one click I was on it. Nice stuff. I have added it to my working tools.
For anyone wanting to pick up with OldsMOOC, feel free to join and simply relax while getting on top of the  material (one word of warning, if you do not have a lot of time, relax, do not go through all the threads simply look at the new one's that catch your interest).

A quick overview of the options of LucidChart can be found here:

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