Monday 14 January 2013

Join #UNESCO #mobile learning week at 18 - 22 February

From 18 - 22 February 2013 the second UNESCO mobile learning week is taking place at the UNESCO European headquarters in Paris, France. It will be a great moment to get together and exchange ideas on the future of education, or at least on how we can change education to reach more people around the world. I will be there with a presentation on how to set up mobile MOOCs, which is of interest for developing regions.

There is a busload of interesting speakers gathering for the peer sessions and two wonderfully inspiring keynote speakers, so worth checking out if you are in the neighborhood. The nice thing is that you can also join from your living room or office for some of the online webinars (great, saves time and money!).

More information on the sessions and speakers can be found here.

And some information straight from the UNESCO mobile week website:

The event aims to explore mobile learning as a unique and significant contribution to achieving the Education for All (EFA) goals of increasing education access, quality and equality. MLW 2013 will focus on three particular EFA goals as they relate to mobile learning:
  • Improving levels of adult and youth literacy: how mobile technologies can support literacy development and increase reading opportunities
  • Improving the quality of education: how mobile technologies can support teachers and their professional development
  • Achieving gender parity and equality in education: how mobile technologies can support equal access to and achievement in basic education of good quality for all, in particular for women and girls
MLW 2013 will consist of the following events:
  • Symposium on Mobile Learning (open)
    18-19 February, Paris
    This two-day conference constitutes the backbone of the MLW and will feature keynote speakers, demonstrations of mobile content and technology, and thematic breakout sessions.
  • Senior Policy Makers' Forum (invitation only)
    20 February, Paris
    UNESCO, in partnership with the GSMA, will host an invitation-only meeting of high-level government officials to discuss issues relating to mobile learning and policy.
  • MLW Webinar (open)
    21-22 February, virtual
    The Webinar will allow people outside Paris to discuss topics related to mobile learning. It will be moderated by leading thinkers in the field of ICT in education. Selected mobile experts will present their projects and will field real time questions from online participants.

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