Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Steven Verjans shows a structured #PLE at #studiedagVlhora

Personal Learning Environments (PLE) have been hot news for a couple of years now. And with the proliferation of all things social media, they have become a highly personalized and very functional application for any knowledge worker. A PLE will enable you to work more focused, keep an overview of all the information that comprises your knowledge and be able to share with others whenever needed.

My PLE is not very well structured to say the least, in fact chaos is my middle name when it comes to PLE. But I can no longer postpone the (re)structuring of my PLE for the simple reason that I am increasingly engaged in various projects that demand slightly different foci. So with increased research efforts coming along, presentations lining up and a major course that needs to take shape, I want to get my PLE straightened out.

Luckily, I met Steven Verjans earlier this week during the Vlhora studiedag. And as fate sometimes wants it, his topic of the day was PLE. Not the dry stuff of PLE, no a personal narrative showing his PLE and what a wonderfully structured knowledge universe he has created! Steven is a rock in my eLearning ocean. We do not meet at regular intervals, but I know he is one of the knowing. He simply keeps on moving forward with eLearning, he is always balanced and he really has his PLE in order. He combines lists in twitter (and uses twitter a lot as backchannel), diigo bookmarks in network forms (he switched from delicious), netvibes overview pages and a nicely linked set of flickr, summify.com (and paper.li), researchgate.net (and academia.net).

Steven calls twitter a stream of information, in which you can dip your tow whenever necessary and after you have found what you want, you simply move on again.

If you want to structure your own PLE, have a look at the slideshare of Steven (presentation notes in Dutch, but media in English), he has wonderful ideas or simply have a look at his netvibes page.