Monday, 17 October 2011

Help the world in #education and #ICT4D by winning prizes and let the community decide

A consortium involving Nokia, the Pearson Foundation and UNESCO have launched an “Education for All” crowdsouring challenge: “an eight-month initiative to elicit suggestions on how mobile communication can help achieve EFA goals.”.  The aim is to develop suggestions emerging from an interaction between education experts, teachers, parents, students and software developers. Each month will feature a separate EFA goal. The first month is devoted to finding solutions on how mobile communication can help achieve literacy. Prizes will be awarded monthly to the best ideas, chosen by a panel of judges.Monthly smart phone prizes will be awarded to the best ideas recognized by the panel of judges. The best ideas will be published and celebrated also in the UNESCO websites to explain their proposal in further detail and to encourage the development of the ideas into concrete projects.

How to participate?
Participating is extremely easy. Just visit the EFA Crowdsourcing Challenge website, select the appropriate EFA goal, and then click on the ‘Create an Idea’ link. (You will need to register first)

What are the upcoming challenges (European date format):
10/10/2011 - Start of EFA Crowdsourcing Challenge and launch of Literacy goal
10/11/2011 - Launch of Access to Universal Primary Education goal
09/12/2011 - Launch of Life Skills & Lifelong Learning goal
10/02/2011 - Launch of Quality of Education goal
09/03/2011 - Launch of Gender Equality in Education goal
10/04/2011 - Launch of Early Childhood Care and Development
31/05/2011 - End of EFA Crowdsourcing Challenge.