Thursday, 11 August 2011

Share your #mlearning idea to win the #IAmL #mobile learning Award (1000 GBP, 1600 $, 1100 €)

Mobile learning is still on the rise and there are still many areas that can be explored. If you have a wonderful idea for a mobile learning (mLearning) application, share it!

The International Association for Mobile Learning (IAMLearn,, in collaboration with Epic (, is proud to announce the Mobile Learning Challenge.

The Mobile Learning Challenge is searching for innovative and visionry solutions for learning using mobile technologies. So if you are a practitioner, a student, a young researcher or a visionary, feel free to contribute your inspiring and visionary concepts. Specific technical skills are not required for participating!
What you need to provide: a structured, clear description of your idea in English.

Full details here:

The first prize: money
The winner of the Challenge will receive £1000 (one thousand GBP, or approx. 1600$, or approx. 1100 EUR - monetary rates willing).

The winning solution will be presented to the mLearn 2011 conference audience either by the winner (if present at the conference) or by the President of IAmLearn.
This prize is co-sponsored by IAmLearn and Epic.

The second prize: access to a mobile knowledge network
The runner-up will receive a prize of 5 years’ free membership of IAmLearn.

Deadline for Submissions is Wednesday, 14 September 2011 24:00 GMT.

Identify a learning challenge and think of an innovative and yet practical mobile solution for this challenge. A winning solution is an answer to the following question:

How does mobile learning support educational needs or create a clear and innovative educational opportunity?

The Mobile Learning Challenge is open to creative solutions for all kinds of learning, be it for schools, universities, in the work place, or in leisure time.

A solution can be related to research, design, educational practice, or evaluation. It must not represent work that has already been done, but should focus on a problem or opportunity that has not yet been successfully addressed by mobile learning so far.

Your task

  • Identify a learning or educational challenge that can be solved with mobile technologies.
  • Briefly describe your mobile learning challenge in up to 20 words.
  • Explain your mobile learning challenge in up to 200 words.
  • Provide a solution to how this challenge can be solved.

The solution can be a scenario description, a prototype design (mock-up), an interface walk through, a storyboard, a visionary essay, or a video.

A solution needs to be
  • achievable
  • concrete
  • inspiring
  • addressing a real learning need or creating an opportunity for learning

Your solution should be realistic and implementable within 6-18 months. This does not mean that you have to implement it in case of winning.

Target group

The challenge is open to everybody; however, entrants must be members of IAmLearn on the date of submission. Submissions by individuals and small teams are possible although each prize is limited to one person.


All submissions need to use English descriptions.

Deadline for Submissions is Wednesday, 14 September 2011 24:00 GMT.

The winner will be announced by the end of September.

Rating the solutions - criteria

  • The identification of the challenge
  • The imaginativeness of the challenge
  • Appropriateness for mobile learning
  • The creativeness of the solution
  • The practicality of the solution
  • Overall presentation
Common, get your idea out there! I will.