Tuesday 9 August 2011

#mobile toolkit with 15 #mLearning methods to choose from

Sometimes a project appears that is so inspiring you cannot but see the Light. The world is in turmoil, but all around the world small initiatives really make a difference. This time the Italian center in Turin, ITC-ILO comes up with a ready to use mobile toolkit for developing or rural regions. They have created a mobile toolkit written by the formidable Jennifer Parker which allows anyone to step up to the plate and launch their own mobile learning initiative.

The 98 page toolkit manual was also the master thesis of Jennifer. In the manual you can choose out of 15 different methodologies where a mobile device can add value to the learning and training process. Feel free to contact Tom Wambeke in case you are interested to pilot some of these mobile learning methods.

The nice thing about this toolkit is also that it will be used by MyCOOP trainers. The MyCOOP training package “How to set up and run agricultural cooperatives“ will certainly make a positive impact, and to be honest, I am in need of some positive world vibes.

Below you will find the SCRIBD version of the toolkit (small screen, but you can open it to full screen button), and you can also download a version here.

Mobile Learning Toolkit A5