Wednesday 5 January 2011

#SCORM the future of #elearning? Get involved!

The Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) people have just launched two brand new initiatives that anyone can join and take part in. The great thing about the ADL approach is that it is all about durability and scalability (yes, I like that!). With the start of a new age, the ADL consortium kicks of the quest for a new, contemporary SCORM and pedagogy for the future of learning. This is a great initiative and you, me, all of us are invited to draw our educational future.

A bit about both initiatives

The Tin Can project: rethinking SCORM
SCORM has been around for 10 years! Ten years?! Just imagine how the world has changed from a 'yes, a LMS is wonderful, and switching content around various LMS's rules!' to "Nah, just learn through connectivity, why use LMS or scorm?'. I am not a great fan of LMS, but I do feel that standards in learning materials still have a big potential. As such I am all into this new SCORM initiative!

Want to read more? Lookie here:
The Tin Can project page;
The Tin Can Twitter account.

The future learning experience
This is my cup of tea: pedagogy meets technology, #yam!

The Future Learning Experience project returns ADL to its roots in Applied Research & Development. We envision this effort will contain several sub-projects aimed at providing learning solutions for DoD stakeholders. Future Learning Experience projects, regardless of what they specifically enable, will follow similar design and development patterns that include a transition phase to shift pedagogy, technology, best collected practices, policy and procedures to the DoD, government, academia and industry.

Join for the first theme of the project: definition
The exchange of knowledge happens via online chats and meetings of which three will be occurring in January 2011:Thursday, January 13, 11:30am ET & 8:30pm ET, a #lrnchat will be focused on working with learning technology standards. #lrnchat is an online chat over the social messaging service Twitter that happens twice every Thursday, due to its popularity in the US and overseas. Follow @lrnchat for more information.

Details will be posted soon, but on the week of January 17, there will be a Department of Defense ADL (DADL) Working Group meeting focused on the Future Learning Experience Project
Tuesday, January 25, 11:30am ET, a first #ADLchat will be occur on Twitter. In a
similar format to #lrnchat, this live chat will focus on ADL-specific
topics and allow time for your questions to be addressed in real-time by
the ADL team. Follow @lrnEXP for details.

Want to know more? Lookie here

Project website;
The project's Twitter account;

And thank you to ADL's almighty Aaron Silvers for getting me up to date!