Monday 3 January 2011

#Moodle #Mobile, the follow up action is called Moodbile

It has been quite a year for mobile devices! So many initiatives, so many actions.
Mid March 2010 some of us volunteers got together and started to work on Moodle for iPhone. After the initial excitement, different people realized that if we wanted to get Moodle mobile, a lot needed to be addressed, including cleaning up the existing code, adding php-recoding, starting native apps....

If all goes well, moodle will be made fully mobile, thanks to the group around Maria Jose Casany, Marc Alier (Ludo) and Jordi Piguillem who are connected to Universitat Polytécnica de Catalunya and the Grual Research group at Universidad de Salamanca (Spain). They have been working on Moodbile, which is a code project that will result in a GNU General Public License.

Many people were active and a lot of progress has been made. As Moodle is a community, feel free to join in anyway you can if you are interested: testing releases, adding your expertise...
Here you will find the latest activities on the Moodbile site.