Wednesday, 20 October 2010

#mlearn2010 Andy Goff on Augmented reality for Learning

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Canada is a magnet for interactive jobs on learning. There is a big demand for well educated people that are into interactive media.

Engagement in learning is key, and augmented reality enhances the real world, increases

QR-codes that trigger added layers of 3D 'roman centurions' ..., if you put it on a record player, it turns around, nice gimmick :-)

SSAT website ( not sure of this website), look at it for the free (anatomic trigger, lung heart, blatter...).
Sometimes two markers are used to build interaction: multiple tracking.

(remark to myself: wear a QR-code t-shirt for your presentation)

types of AR
  • accelerometer, gps, and compass
  • CV - camera reads maker
  • CV - camera reads images/objects.

The AR gets people into conversations, into discussions, increasing understanding.

Great interaction with markers, that trigger at learner relevant moments or locations.

A different human interface
Confucius: tell me and I will forget, show me and I will remember, involve me and I will understand.

eyePet from PS3: he does different things, ongoing interaction with your pet through your ps-camera (realllllly nice: used by Foxhill Primary School. This increased their confidence because the classroom felt more creative.

Also linking to SecondSightExperience: Romeo and Juliet Pilot. Markers were put down that triggered the students.

Culture and Heritage are nice AR opportunities, language understanding... Wroxeter Roman City, English Heritage (Should see this). NT Cragside - Lord Armstrong.

check out: Lustucru - in the highstreet (upper curve of application).

Olympus camera AR is nice, which allows you to click on yellow buttons with your laptop's touchpad, to trigger different elements of the AR camera. So interacting as much as possible with actual camera without having the camera in hand. (

AR: see Astom AR from total immersion movies, look at video below.

Augmented reality vs. vitual reality: which is ... (statistic graph)