Thursday, 23 September 2010

Learning = Sharing our national complexity to make understanding easier or just have a laugh

I travel, like many of you. I travel and on many occasions, I get the question: where is your country of origin. When people hear 'Belgium' chocolates and beer come to mind (really good stuff), but also ... well... less wonderful stuff (no government for months, language discussions...).
For although Belgium is tiny, its administration is BIG! For only 10 million people, yes, Belgium is that small.
So now, a simple movie of 4 minutes explains Belgium and how ... it is at the top of bureaucratic nations (you don't belief it, until you see it)! Feel free to have a look and most of all, if you have a movie explaining your country in just a couple of minutes, share it, I love to learn more about nations and their peculiarities.