Wednesday 29 September 2010

Enable Learning Anywhere with World’s First Portable LMS

A lot of us use LMS’s to get our documents across to the students, to track quality of content, to provide self-assessments… but on many occasions one of the key restrictions of the LMS’s is their lack of offline capabilities and autonomy. Sure, some offline LMS options are on the market and have improved over the years, but still a plug-in build option is not the same as a solution that was build to be portable. Now, mEKP will be launched and if you are interested you can get a free trial USB, follow the launch with a live webinar and all of this for free.

NetDimensions is redefining workforce learning with mEKP, a full-featured LMS that runs on inexpensive USB flash drives. It requires no installation or Internet connectivity.

Brandon Hall Research calls it “a disruptive step in the evolution of enterprise software.”

On October 21st, join NetDimensions’ CEO Jay Shaw and CIO Ray Ruff for a live behind-the-scenes presentation of mEKP and find out how to revolutionize workforce (and possibly also students in low-resource regions) support in your organization.

Register for this complimentary webinar and you will receive:

  • A PDF copy of the Brandon Hall Research briefing report on mEKP, and
  • A free USB drive with a trial version of mEKP

Webinar Schedule
Date: October 21, 2010
Time: 10:00am - 11:00am EDT (or 16:00 CEST), link to a world clock converter.
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Why am I interested?
In the Linqed workshop that a co-organized, institutional partners came from all corners of the world: Indonesia, Morocco, Cuba, Ecuador, Peru, Uganda, India, Nepal, South-Africa. Many of us are using Moodle as a LMS, the only problem is, that we have learners in sometimes low-connected areas. Sometimes electricity and the internet crash, and learning is put to a hold. The fact that LMS's sometimes cannot be reached, also affects learner motivation, so... this might be a great opportunity to deliver continued education, even in difficult to reach areas.