Monday, 17 May 2010

#mLearncon 2010 in San Diego with Mobile Moodle

While it is still three weeks away, the premier mLearning conference in the US is getting closer (June 15 - 17 June 2010).

During this conference my esteemed colleague Carlos Kiyan and I will be presenting one of the concurrent sessions. The concurrent session 802 on Wednesday 16 June at 4 PM.

I am really looking forward to attending this conference, as I will be able to see some mLearning friends I have not seen in a while: Judy Brown (who I will see at the ADLworkshop in London this week), Clark Quinn (who is on the verge of publishing an enlightening mobile learning book and gives many presentations at mlearncon), and Silke Fleisher (who will lead one of the pre-conference sessions, I will attend hers it is on Android SDK - jippie!). These people are always coming up with great mobile learning ideas and enchanting mLearning solutions so I know I will learn soo much.

From the mLearning theory, yes, it will be a blast: a mLearning panel will be organized. And many, many mLearning thinkers will be present (the above of course and), amongst them the enlightened Mohamed Ally from Athabasca Uni and the pivotal mobile theory builder Mike Sharples.

Want to follow what is going on during mLearncon? Follow the mLearncon twitter line or search on #mlearncon.

If you are in the neighborhood, give me a sign, I will gladly meet up during the conference!