Tuesday, 26 January 2010

(partially Dutch post) Mobile learning knowledge exchange with educational team of KATHO

KATHO is one of the leading Flemish higher education institutes. It has fully online courses and they are now in the midst of envisioning the future of their educational approach. This educational institution has a fabulous extra: they have a complete cell of 'toegepaste informatica' enabling other cells and departments to form collaborations on eLearning projects.

Jean Claude Callens asked me if I wanted to come over and join them to exchange ideas on mobile learning. It was an honor to be invited to speak for this great institution.

After the presentation a couple of questions were raised, the most urgent and difficult one to tackle was a question raised by Lien Hugelier from the nurses department. She and her colleagues offer online nurse courses, but they (and my medical colleagues) have a problem: how do you monitor and assess skills? She put forward the example of the procedure of taking blood. How can we monitor online whether a student is truly understanding the skill of taking blood from a patient?

So if any of you have an answer to this, or already are using this great way of assessing similar skills in your online education, please share your expertise, for this is one tricky dilemma in my and her mind.

If you are interested in viewing the Dutch presentation on mobile learning I gave at KATHO yesterday, feel free to look (or download) it: