Monday 2 February 2009

the mobile project update 1: html + mp4 + mobile moodle

As I started writing the previous week, we are working on a mobile module that is accessible by a lot of (I know it is vague for now, but I will make it more substantial soon) mobile devices.

The models we aim for are currently iPhone 3G, Nokia N95 and HTC TyTn. We have been dabbling with some applications, but let's face it, going back to basics normally gives the best result. It might not be sounding sexy, but it does deliver all: the HTML + CSS + mp4 set will be our main coding set for the mobile modules we are planning to give.

HTML has been around for a longtime and it is the easiest language out there to code in (I think). Thanks to the Mobile Web Initiative, you can also find some guidelines and test your mobile course on its accessibility, so ... what more would one want?

Well, the thing we wanted to add was traceability. We want to be able to track what we have made, and the way the students use the module in order to improve it in the long end. So inevitably we needed to look for a mobile learning platform that would allow us to do just that. Because we are working with a rather tight budget, the cost needed to be limited and so we so Moodle as a possible way to go.
In the past mobile moodle was tried and errored at times, but the new MLE for Moodle (Mobile Learning Engine) looks more then interesting. We did not try it out extensively, we just tried the user testing area and that looks promising at first glance, but I was rather enthusiastic, so I love to share it with you immediately. If you want to take a look, get your mobile, type in and login with username: student and pw: student. It really looks nice. The MLE is also free software, great!


  1. Wow! This is really cool. I'm so glad to see someone actually creating something like this.
    I know there are a lot of vendors out there with tools to do this, but I'm excited to see someone attempting a solution with opensource tools.
    I look forward to more updates on your blog.

  2. hi Brent,

    I will gladly keep you posted, we are very excited as well :-)

  3. Hi,
    I am wondering whether you are still working on this project.
    I have been given project to develop e-learning application for IPhone.
    I am interested to know about your project as it may helps me in my project.