Monday, 16 February 2009

9 year old kid builds an iPhone application for his sister

As my colleagues are testing their iPhones for great mobile learning, the nine year old whiz kid Lim Ding Wen from Singapore just build an application for his sister.

The application is also astonishingly simple and appealing at the same time. If you download Doodle Kids, you can draw on your iPhone with your fingers while touching the screen. If you shake your iPhone, the screen is whiped clean (this certainly brings back memories from my early sketch paths).

Admittedly this is not your ordinary kid, but it is amazing. Lim, who is fluent in six programming languages, started using the computer at the age of 2. He has since completed about 20 programming projects.

Go and have a look for yourself via iTunes, search for Doodle Kids and you will see it pop-up.

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