Friday, 23 January 2009

Download the Woork free eBook on CSS, HTML, Ajax...

Antonio Lupetti who is a CSS guru, engineer, pro blogger, Mac user and Web addict, has written this great new book that saw the light of day on 3 January 2009. Antonio lives in Rome, Italy.

The Woork Handbook
is a free eBook about CSS, HTML, Ajax, web programming, Mootools, Scriptaculous and other topics about web design. It features 188 pages of great tips on all the mentioned topics and ... it is kept up to date because it is an UnBook (a book that is updated as new knowledge is evolving and is accessible through the Web).

It is a great book, with lots of goodies. Mille gracie Antonio!

This book is also featured in Scribd, a document sharing software I wrote about previously and which is worth a look and try.

Thanks to Anol from SoulSoup I got hold of this great unBook

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  1. That's very interesting. I just downloaded it and look forward to reading through it.