Monday, 19 January 2009

Aluka: Building a digital library of scholarly resources from and about Africa

For those interested in Open Resources in Africa, a quickie. Since 2008 Aluka has build a strong portal for African resources. Although the contact address is situated in Princeton, USA, there are a lot of African partners. Especially if you are interested in botanical information, this is a great resource.

From their website: "Aluka's
success depends upon contributions of content from the global research and scholarly community. Aluka has benefited tremendously through contributions from dozens of partners and institutions around the world. These efforts have laid a strong foundation; by the beginning of 2008, the digital library included more than 320 000 digital objects. In the spirit of collaboration and partnership, we invite contributions from all segments of the academic community: faculty, researchers, libraries, repositories, archives, universities, learned societies, and publishers."

So if you have relevant information, you might want to upload information to Aluka.

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