Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Report on Learning 2.0 is published - interesting read

The eLearning Guild Research 360° Report on Learning 2.0 is just out. As usual the research reports of the eLearning Guild are interesting to read. They give a quick overview of some of the latest trends and results in eLearning.

This report has many authors: Steve Wexler, Jane Hart, Tony Karrer, Michele Martin, Mark Oehlert, Sanjay Parker, Brent Schlenker and Will Thalheimer. But what makes this research so interesting is that all authors will have a webinar on the findings in this report. This might be a rich extra, because it gives you the possibility of getting your questions out to them. 'Might be' I write because I am not sure if there will be a lot of time to discuss, but at least you will hear it from the report writers themselves.

This report focuses on two fundamental issues that are at the core of learning endeavors:
1) The emerging technology will obsolesce what they do now;
2) The emerging technology will be difficult to learn;
3) It will be difficult to convince colleagues and management that they should embrace the emerging technology;
4) Not embracing the technology will lead to certain doom.
This report addresses those fears and offers key findings, comprehensive survey results — and answers — to these concerns!

You can look at the abstract of this report or - if you are a payed member, you can download it completely at the same page.

The facts on this free (but you need to register) research webinar:
Duration: one hour;
Date: Thursday, October 2 at 8:30 AM Pacific Time;
Hosts and speakers: all or most of the above mentioned authors.