Monday, 8 September 2008

CCK08 and data overload calmness

Today the Connectivism & Connective Knowledge course is starting and up until now 1900 worldwide participants signed up. Due to this huge interest most of my time yesterday was spend on getting to know other participants through the 'introduction forum' on Moodle. I was too eager, too interested, too neurotic... adding up to 3 hours of frantic reading of short bio's and ideas on why people are interested in the course.

I know I should not get all anxious about data overload, nor should I want to read everything... I (we) no longer can, but still I did get overexcited. Luckily Stephen Downes send a soothing mail (in the Daily newsletter the course is using to keep the learners on track). In this mail he anticipates on the anxiety and assures the learners that not reading everything and/ or limited absorption of all that will be posted is ok. I needed this extra confirmation, but still I wonder if I can keep my neurotic 'I want to know everything' under control.
So I gather that the new world knowledge order is quite simple: "Chill, whatever you choose to learn will be okay, relax and absorb what you want", but planning your knowledge path could be a benefit if you want to achieve a certain knowledge goal.

Just wondering if existential crisis's on what knowledge to absorb will be the new personality crisis of the future?