Friday, 23 May 2008

make your own mobile quiz and astonish your learners

The Moodle developer Adrian Nicolaiev from Brasil put me on to this astonishing and really easy mobile quiz.

So I put this application to the test. Within exactly 5 minutes I put together a mobile quiz that you can download on your mobile. Coming up with 5 questions for my 'Five question quiz' took me the longest. It is an amazing application which is really worth a try.
Look at this 5 questions quiz that took me 5 minutes to make.

If you happen to have a QRcode reader on your mobile, you can immediately scan the barcode in this post and try it out on your phone. The quiz linked to this QRcode is the 'largest city quiz', a nice quiz that immediately gives you an idea of the ease of this application.

Mobile Study provides this easy way to build mobile quizzes and to provide them to learners of any kind. You can also download the quiz to your mobile through sms, USB and immediate linkage.

And the amazing application does not stop there, it is even completely compatible with Moodle! It also has a facebook feature.

Really impressed with this. If you build some eLearning quizzes please keep me posted. I am going to think up some quizzes. Share it and push it!