Friday 23 May 2008

make your own mobile quiz and astonish your learners

The Moodle developer Adrian Nicolaiev from Brasil put me on to this astonishing and really easy mobile quiz.

So I put this application to the test. Within exactly 5 minutes I put together a mobile quiz that you can download on your mobile. Coming up with 5 questions for my 'Five question quiz' took me the longest. It is an amazing application which is really worth a try.
Look at this 5 questions quiz that took me 5 minutes to make.

If you happen to have a QRcode reader on your mobile, you can immediately scan the barcode in this post and try it out on your phone. The quiz linked to this QRcode is the 'largest city quiz', a nice quiz that immediately gives you an idea of the ease of this application.

Mobile Study provides this easy way to build mobile quizzes and to provide them to learners of any kind. You can also download the quiz to your mobile through sms, USB and immediate linkage.

And the amazing application does not stop there, it is even completely compatible with Moodle! It also has a facebook feature.

Really impressed with this. If you build some eLearning quizzes please keep me posted. I am going to think up some quizzes. Share it and push it!


  1. Hi Ignatia
    I've being sick for three days (not to bad, just a virus)and that gave me time (at last!)to explore your blog. It's amazing how active you are. And it's also very catching. I'd like to try a lot of things you write about. If only I had more time... Anyway, I'm going to try this tool. Tx for mentioning it.Katlijn

  2. Awesome find! Thanks so much for sharing this!

    (Mobile Learning Blog)

  3. hi Katlijn & Leonard, thanks for your motivational comments!

  4. Hi Ignatia,
    just tried it, works fine and is really easy. Now I only need to think about where I can use it. Thanks for the pointers.

  5. Only too bad that QR code readers are not widely supported on mobile devices. On Nokia yes, but not on Sony Ericsson.

  6. @Britt, if you look at Quickmark, they have software that you can install on a variety of mobile phones, including two Sony Ericson's.

    @Ullrich currently I am working on continued medical education and the certificate the subscribers can get might be given after a multiple choice quiz that covers the CME that was given. For this the mobile quiz might come in handy.

  7. @Britt, if you look at i-nigma, they have software that you can install on a variety of mobile phones, including 38 Sony Ericson's. Another option would be NeoReader: 39 Sony Ericson's.

  8. Hi Ignatia,

    thanks for the feedback/blog entry.

    We're trying to find out if there's anyway to make our site more suited to elearning.

    We had a general idea when we started the site, mainly to make it easy for people to study on buses and trains.

    If you have any ideas or suggestions please feel free to drop us a line or leave us a comment. We've already implemented one of Adrian's suggestion, allowing the quiz results to be sms back to the teachers.

    All the Best,

  9. Hi Ignatia,

    You are right, this is a truly revolutionary set of learning/teaching tools. My only concern is that it will be overrun with users and maybe with people who have more commercial interests in mind. The situation where such content as this site can produce are very far reaching but like the 'ring tone' market people seem to see the mobile phone market as a place where they can charge (sometimes extortionate) fees for content. Lets hope such a great resource can be keep 'free'.

    All the best Dave

  10. @Dave, I agree with the hope that (e)Learning possibilities will be kept free for all to benefit. But it seems to be growing in the open (educational) resources way, let's hope it keeps on growing out in the open. Thanks for your comments!

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