Friday, 16 May 2008

eLearning papers, where to find them and call for paper co-writing

(Great European call for papers mentioned below)

Gathering the most relevant eLearning information, classifying it, retrieving it within an instant... I do not about you, but I keep struggling with it.

Because I am a very chaotic organizer, I do tend to have different places where I store my background information. This makes it of course even more difficult to retrieve it swiftly. I should have a tag cloud in my archive.

So ... while reading through my feeds, I found Tony Karrer's list of 100 eLearning Articles and White papers. They sure are a perfect starting point! So from now on if people ask me to give them a quick link to some papers, I just send through his great set of links. Thank you Tony!

In addition to this, I add a white paper that Clark Quin has started on mLearning. Feel free to visit his blogpost on the subject and add your ideas or thoughts.

But of course a lot of us want to be published, so take a look at eLearningPapers. eLearning Papers is a publication of, European Commission's portal for promoting the use of ICT for lifelong learning.
They have a call for papers, which has a deadline on 30 June 2008. So ... let's get together and write one!

Anyone willing to team up with me? It might be on mobile learning or social media or gender? I would like to be a co-author for this call, so let me know.