Wednesday 19 March 2008

QRcode – where can you get the software to read barcodes

In my last QRcode blogpost I mentioned how and where you could get a QRcode for your mobile or website (or business card).

But what if you do have a cell phone with a camera, but you did not get QR-code software to read these codes? No problem, it is really easy to find software to read these codes if you follow the steps below.

I have been looking around for software that is customized for as many cell phones as possible. During this quest I found QuickMark a software company based in Taiwan. They deliver QRcode readers for a broad range of cell phones. They have installation guides for windows based or symbian mobiles. In order to be able to download the software you need to register, but registration is free.

The installation guides (I used the windows mobile one) are well written and easy to follow.

A quick look at the windows based installation of QuickMark:

  • Register (free) for quickmark and login;
  • Click on the download tab;
  • Choose your cell phone;
  • Download the zip-file to your computer;
  • Connect your mobile to your computer;
  • Copy and paste the zip-file to your mobile device (put it on the root) using ActiveSync;
  • Take your mobile device and open explorer;
  • Search for the zip-file and unpack it;
  • … the installation process will start.

Ones you have installed QuickMark you will still need to use it. In order to use it follow these steps:

  • Get your mobile device;
  • Open explorer;
  • Search for programs (QuickMark will be amongst your programs);
  • Open quickmark;
  • Your camera will start;
  • Focus your camera center on a QRcode;
  • Click on the enter button of your mobile device and you get the information visualized in the QRcode.

I started adding QRcodes to my courses, my business card and now I want to put it on a t-shirt for my easter family reunions… something geeky to talk about.... mmm, I do not think I will get much talking time ;-)

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