Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Free Ingrid Betancourt, spread the news

This is a plea to act for freedom (of speech).

By now the French-Colombian (political and peace) activist Ingrid Betancourt is one of the best known hostages of the Columbian FARC. This however enhances her importance as a hostage to that same FARC who knows that holding her hostage, enhances their bargaining position. Ingrid has been held captive for 6 years now and apparently she has Hepatitis B and is in danger of dying while in captivity. Word of mouth might enhance the pressure to free her, so if you feel like it support actions to free her.

Sign the petition or circulate the latest youtube video to help hear the plea of her family and friends to free all hostages.

Four years ago I worked in a political organisation. I remember that a family member of Ingrid Betancourt entered the building where I was working and started asking all the organisations in that building to help to get Ingrid Betancourt freed.

My interest was limited although one of my professional aims was in fact equal opportunities and equal rights. So I wondered why this cause did not immediately grasp my interest. It’s simple we are overloaded with media that covers news that is mind numbing. Sometimes it seems that justice is no longer part of the global civilization.

Today Steven Verjans twittered Ingrid Betancourt and again I doubted whether my single voice would have any impact at all. But the world and I have changed. social media have made it very clear that one single voice can make a difference if it is channeled throught the Net and mingles with other voices.

I know there are a lot of causes out there, but it is our world so let’s join forces.

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