Wednesday 16 May 2007

eLearning always begins in a small place

Let us be honest. Any pioneer of new technology always gets put in the back of a building, or at the end of a corridor. And eLearning is a new - ahum - educational evolution and so this blog starts ... in the back of ITM.

As is always the case with any new evolution, the winds of change will have to blow fiercely to get all doubts and cynicism out of the skeptic’s minds. There are those who like change and those who like to be sure that the proposed change will be beneficiary. Skeptics’ are needed, but we all know that creative enthusiasts pave the streets of evolution :-)

Yes, I am - and will always be - a fierce promoter of new technologies and change and so I am very happy to be working in one of the worlds most renowned Institutes. Lets see what it takes to design e-courses on tropical health and get those e-courses accessible even in low resource areas.

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  1. Great video, although I noticed you were out of breath by the time you reached your desk. This can mean two things: one: it really is far away from the main entrance in an old closet; two: your physical condition is bad.