Thursday, 18 April 2013

My eBook on MOOC and how to set up #MOOC yourself

The last few weeks I have been finalizing my first eBook. And now, I just published it as part of the Kindle Direct Publishing option in Amazon. In the book I am looking at different MOOC options (cMOOC, xMOOC), fitting it in with the best online learning practices of eLearning, offering design and learning options, looking at pedagogies and some certification options, and providing suggestions to embed mLearning and social media options to improve training via MOOCs.

The full title of the book is: MOOC YourSelf - Set up your own MOOC for Business, Non-Profits, and Informal Communities.

So if you are dabbling with the idea to set up your own MOOC or you want to learn a bit about MOOC history, have a look at this eBook or contemplate buying it (it is low-cost). 

You can find the link to the book here, or you can search for it via Amazon:

And for those who want to know a bit more about myself, feel free to read my bio on the author page here

If you do not have a Kindle, no problem, you can download an array of free Kindle apps via Amazon here. There are options for Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android, iPod...

This is the short description of its content:
This MOOC eBook gives a short overview of options on how to set up your own MOOC and how to tailor it to your own needs, tools and target audiences. The challenges and benefits of MOOCs are highlighted and guidelines on how to build an optimal MOOC experience are shared. Online learning best practices' are listed with a focus on MOOC specific learning characteristics, certification options and pedagogies. Taking into account the current learning realities, the book also looks at mobile options and social media tools for learning, specifically how they can be fitted into a MOOC learning environment. To provide a background on MOOCs, the history of MOOCs is covered. The upcoming and existing MOOC platforms and toolkits are also described and linked to. Additionally, the book offers links to DIY options, and existing MOOC opportunities that might offer a solution for what you are looking for. The author has organized mobile MOOCs in the past, and has been researching MOOCs and their learning affordances for the past 3 years.