Thursday 16 November 2017

Free mLearning eBook: Mobilizing and supporting educator practice #mLearning

At the mLearn2017 in Cyprus, a free and useful eBook was launched by the International Association for Mobile Learning (IAmLearn). It is a free book entitled 'Mobilizing and supporting educator practice', edited by top mLearning experts (Robert Power, Mohamed Ally, Dean Cristol and Agnieszka Palalas) and as such available to all. They even have a download button (tucked away in the table of contents tab) where you can download the free book as a PDF, right here. The other download formats are ePub and mobi (great!).

Description (from their own website)
"Teachers are more likely to experiment with and integrate mobile learning strategies if they feel confident in their ability to do so. Professional development resources and activities that focus on making instructional design decisions can help to increase teachers’ confidence with mobile learning. Teachers have indicated that a community of practice would also help them to increase their confidence with mLearning. To that end, mobile learning experts and practitioners from the International Association for Mobile Learning (IAmLearn) have prepared this open access eBook to help create such a community of practice."
The chapters in this book are useful for researchers implementing mobile learning (eg. 6 mobile learning theories!), but above all to educators, as each chapter gives a clear description of what you - as an educator - can do and specifically, the authors added digital extra's (although I did not get the tub-tub app to work). Yes, those are ready to use in a classroom or training setting (eg. using the jigsaw method).

The table of contents:

Ch 1: MALL Gains, Barriers, and Opportunities

Mobile Application Use to Support Vocabulary Knowledge in a Japanese High School: Learning Gains, Barriers, and Opportunities

Digital Extras - Supplementary Materials

Ch 2: Enhancing Residential Student Leadership Training with AR mLearning

Enhancing Residential Student Leadership Training with Appropriate Augmented Reality mLearning Trail Design

Digital Extras - Teacher and Student Testimonials

Ch 3: Resourceful Instructors & Students

Resourceful instructors and students: Overcoming barriers to integrating mobile tools

Digital Extras - The Course Assistance App

Ch 4: Teacher Training and PD in Mobile Pedagogy for English Language Teaching

Teacher Training and Professional Development in Mobile Pedagogy for English Language Teaching

Digital Extras - Tasks and Guidelines for Teacher Development Questions
Digital Extras - Activity 1
Digital Extras - Activity 2
Digital Extras - Reflection Activities

Ch 5: Moving to Seamless Learning

Moving to Seamless Learning: A Framework for Learning Using Multiple Devices

Digital Extras - Appendix 5.1

Ch 6: An mLearning Toolset

An mLearning Toolset for Leveraging Learning Theory
Six Learning Theories
The Analytical Tools

Digital Extras - Design Rubrics
Digital Extras - The Digital Analyzer

Additional Resources:
The Collaborative Situated Active Mobile (CSAM) Learning Design Framework
CSAM References
The Mobile Teacher's Sense of Efficacy Scale (mTSES)
mTSES References

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