Thursday, 1 June 2017

Free: Handbook of Learning Analytics #LAK #learninganalytics #data

This is simply a must have for anyone into learning: the Handbook of Learning Analytics by Charles Lang, George Siemens, Alyssa Wise and Dragan Gašević. Really, it is an astonishing bundle (350 pages!) of learning analytics insights, which will get anyone with an interest in learning analytics up to speed with current challenges and ideas.
The publisher made this introduction:
"It aims to balance rigor, quality, open access and breadth of appeal and was devised to be an introduction to the current state of research. The Handbook is a snapshot of the field in 2017 and features a range of prominent authors from the learning analytics and educational data mining research communities. The chapters have been peer reviewed by committed members of these fields and are being published with the endorsement of both the Society for Learning Analytics Research and the International Society for Educational Data Mining." 
Bluntly copying the table of content below to give an idea of who contributed and what you can expect from the papers.

Foundational Concepts

S. Knight & S. Buckingham Shum
Pages 17-22

Techniques & Approaches

V. Kovanović, S. Joksimović, D. Gašević, M. Hatala, & G. Siemens
Pages 77-92

D. McNamara, L. Allen, S. Crossley, M. Dascalu, & C. Perret
Pages 93-104

S. D’MelloDownload Chapter
Pages 115-127

Pages 129-141

J. Klerkx, K. Verbert & E. DuvalDownload Chapter Pages 143-150

A. Wise & J. VytasekDownload Chapter
Pages 151-160


 Chapter 14. Provision of Data-Driven Student Feedback in LA and EDM

A. Pardo, O. Poquet, R. Martínez-Maldonado & S. Dawson
Pages 163-174

D. Shaffer & A. RuisDownload Chapter
Pages 175-187

D. SuthersDownload Chapter
Pages 189-197

P. Foltz & M. RosensteinDownload Chapter
Pages 199-210

R. Kizilcec & C. BrooksDownload Chapter
Pages 211-222

N. Mirriahi & L. Vigentini
Pages 251-267

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