Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Free IRRODL issue: #research papers in online learning performance & behaviour

IRRODL just published its latest special issue on research papers in online learning performance and behaviour. In this issue psychological, cognitive and emotional elements of online learning take up a good part of the articles. A great read as it offers holistic insights to interdisciplinary educational researchers.
Two articles really got me thinking about the learning process (one research by Hsieh and Chen focusing more on tablet learning customization and personalization while looking at holistic/serialistic learners and one research by Cheng, Wang, Huang, Zarifis on online collaborative learning using ThinkLets that allow to measure learner satisfaction in a particular learning setting).  

Table of Contents


Research Papers in Online Learning Performance and Behaviour
Chia-Wen Tsai

Research Articles

Chen-Wei Hsieh, Sherry Y. Chen
Chia-Hung Lai, Ming-Chi Liu, Chia-Ju Liu, Yueh-Min Huang
Johannes Naumann, Ladislao Salmerón
Xusen Cheng, Xueyin Wang, Jianqing Huang, Alex Zarifis
Jerry Chih-Yuan Sun, Yu-Ting Wu
Jennifer LoCasale-Crouch, Bridget Hamre, Amy Roberts, Kathy Neesen
Miroslava Raspopovic, Svetlana Cvetanovic, Aleksandar Jankulovic
Muhammad Ayub Buzdar, Akhtar Ali, Riaz Ul Haq Tariq
Janine Lim
Piret Luik, Merle Taimalu
Il-Hyun Jo, Yeonjeong Park, Meehyun Yoon, Hanall Sung
Chin Lay Gan, Vimala Balakrishnan