Saturday, 24 October 2015

Join great free #MOOC discussions @NLC2016

In preparation of the 10th Networked Conference which is held in Manchester on 9,10, 11 May 2016, a couple of online discussions on MOOC, social and connected learning, and a no-doubt inspiring hot seat lead by Jim Groom are set up. First of all, hashtag for the hot seats: #NLC2016

This is how you get to the Hot Seats:
First create an account and then join the conversation!

The Hot Seats continue to be public, open and free for anybody who is interested in Networked Learning. Feel free to share the Hot Seats within your networks. 

Here is the Hot Seats schedule:
October 25-31, 2015 Mike Sharples will facilitate the October Hot Seat: Massive Open Social Learning
November 8-18, 2015 Sonia Livingstone will facilitate the November Hot Seat: Boundaries and Limits of Networked and Connected Learning
December 6-12, 2015 Steve Wright will facilitate the December Hot Seat: What have the ANTs ever done for us? Packing your cases to follow the actors....
January 24-30, 2016 Don Passey will facilitate the January Hot Seat: Doctoral Studies in Networked Learning?
February 14-20, 2016 Anatoliy Gruzd will facilitate the February Hot Seat: Using Social Network Analysis to Study Networked Learning in Social Media
March 13-19, 2016 Jim Groom will facilitate the March Hot Seat: Clouds, Containers, and APIs, Oh My!

The discussions on MOOC, and more particular their pedagogies in relation to social learning and conversations have just started, and the arguments are already triggering interest (relations to educational philosophy, complexity theory, informal learning, agencies of learning, engagement versus learning...).