Thursday, 18 June 2015

xAPI case studies available #xapi yeah!

In the last few months I have been trying to keep up with xAPI (in vain mostly due to phd writing, I admit, but still some blogposts and reflections did happen at my end). Luckily Aaron Silvers and Megan Bowe are keeping me updated by generously sending out all that is available for xAPI, including shared case studies.

This last batch of xAPI case studies offer short (average 15 min) videos covering xAPI in a variety of settings. So real stories on how people in EdTech are using Experience API in their context.

The videos were taped during the Orlando happening, and they include wonderful experts:

  • Art Werkenthin on tracking PDF annotations with xAPI
  • Andy Johnson as well as Mike Rustici on LRS (learning record store) 
  • Ben Betts on enabling personal data ownership
  • Chad Udell on implementing xAPI in mobile learning
  • David Rogers on using xAPI in medicine
  • Marty Rosenheck on driving innovation in teacher education
  • Megan Bowe on designing analytics with xAPI
  • ... 

A great set of learning videos there, and of interest to everyone with an urge to dig into xAPI.