Tuesday 22 July 2014

Searching experienced #MOOC people: academics & corporate #eMOOC2015

In the next couple of weeks I want to gather the next #eMOOC2015 group of MOOC colleagues (in the broad sense) that will help me and my fellow chair Nathalie Schiffino in assembling the committee for the eMOOC2015 experience track. Both Nathalie and me are the chairs for the experience track.

How many people will be in the experience track committee? Between 8 and 10 people. 
When will it take place: 18 - 19 - 20 May 2015

Gathering names suggested by you
I ask every one of you if you could send me suggestions: MOOC people that you admire, and that have set up or lead a successful MOOC or MOOCs. The experience track committee will consist of MOOC practitioners with shown experience/s in MOOCs and MOOC-related contexts. 
If you know of a really fabulous MOOC experts with a clear and strong MOOC background, mail them to me ingedewaard at gmail , add them in a comment to this post, or tweet them @ignatia
I will gather all of the names, and select a committee in collaboration with Nathalie. 

What is eMOOC2015?
For those not familiar with the eMOOC stakeholder summit, look at the past eMOOC2014 summit which took place in Lausanne, Switzerland. This is a world MOOC summit, but organized in Europe. Most of the major MOOC stakeholders were present during those three days and the summit resulted in many collaborations and of course in a multitude of knowledge transfers. 

Where will eMOOC2015 be organized?
eMOOC2015 will be organized in Mons, Belgium.

Who can you suggest, or who is welcomed?
Every experienced MOOC leader is welcomed. So anyone with an interesting (positive) experience in either the corporate, academic, or k12 world is a potential member of the eMOOC2015 experience track. 
I would like to include a mix of MOOC experiences even in the basis of the experience track committee (so mixing k12/corporate/academic experts - enabling a horizontal presence of those experiences during the summit and in the organization). 

What will those who are selected for the committee have to do?
Review papers that will be submitted after a call for contributions/papers/communications will be send out (this call will be send out around the beginning of October 2014)
Suggest possible keynote speakers for the summit: the keynote speakers are selected by all the chairs, so only suggestions can be made by each track committee. 

What do experience track committee members get out of it?
No money, just esteem and networking connections. 

Is this the regular way of gathering a committee?
No, it is not. But I thought it would be a nice way of gathering new names. 

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