Tuesday, 11 March 2014

The #MOOC of One, massive is not important ONE is

To be one is to be YOU concludes Stephen Downes in his latest slideshare of a presentation given at the 8th conference of International Technology, Education and Development or INTED2014 in Valencia, Spain. When stating that concluding idea, Stephen once again proves that all things beautiful are simple and that enlightenment is often a case of reversing an idea that lived for some time. In this 28 slide presentation Stephen examine the transition from the idea of the Massive in MOOC to the idea of the personal learning environment.

I like this idea, as the more I delve into research on self-directed and self-regulated learning in MOOCs, the more I feel it is about the individual and how they manage (or are willing to manage) their learning that makes MOOCs important.

The proceedings of prior INTED conferences can be viewed or searched for free online here.   

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