Tuesday 29 October 2013

Jeff Cattel getting corporate #MOOC on the map

Jeff Cattel is the editor of Corporate Learning Network and he - and the rest of the wonderful CLN team - gets people together talking about new corporate learning options and all-round new tech-based training options. He is a one man driving force and as such it was a pleasure to write an article on MOOC and corporate / non-profit options. In the article I touched on three basic options for non-profit/corporate MOOC implementation: expert learning, knowledge marketing and professional knowledge strengthening. The article is entitled MOOCs are about to shake up the corporate and non-profit world, and can be read here.

I owed him that, because a couple of weeks earlier I got caught in a traffic jam with terrible delay as a result, not enabling me to be in a wonderful online MOOC roundtable (which I gladly provide below). The roundtable looked at the past, present and future options of MOOC and got Curtis Bonk, Craig Weiss and Kevin Currie all around the table discussing corporate MOOC options. So gladly sharing the round table below:

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