Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Probation report and slides on #mobile #MOOC and #SDL

After a week of heavy typing, my probation report incorporating literature review looking at challenges for self-directed learning (SDL), a methodology rationale and instruments for investigating SDL is ready for dissemination to ... is ready for whomever it might interest.

This week I moved from my master thesis to the first step towards a PhD by getting the probation report out. As some friends have asked me to share some of my PhD life, I thought sharing my probation report would be of interest. A probation report is a necessary step for all PhD students in the UK to fulfill if they want to move to the official title of a PhD student. Up until the probation exam, any PhD student in the UK would be considered a Master in Philosophy. My actual probation exam is planned for 1 July 2013, but in order for the jury to review what I have been doing, the hard copies of my probation report needed to be in this week.

Anyone wanting to read the probation report: you can find it here (I also added some notes that share the rationale behind some sections, hopefully helping others when they need to tackle this challenge).

I also gave a presentation on my master thesis, running up to my PhD during the CALRG conference in Milton Keynes, UK. I gladly share it below, it has some conclusions I took away from my thesis research.