Thursday, 16 May 2013

Early #career researchers and how to get a job?

With every career move, there comes a time of trepidation, confusion, wild gesturing in the living room while expressing "where am I going? What am I doing?!". That is the phase I am in right now. Luckily Andy Coverdale tweeted about a twitter chat for ... early career researchers! And although my grey hairs tend to remind me of careers passed... I feel I am an early career protagonist once again due to my choice to dig into PhD and its research challenges.

To be honest I have NO idea of where to go to once my PhD would be finished, I do not even have an idea on how to go about building towards getting an interesting position... if anyone is interested, here is my short bio: into innovation, teaching big classes, taking initiatives, getting projects funded and realized, international speaker, allround charming presence, passionate about research/writing/new media and mobile MOOCs.... anyone... anyone who wants to hire me? A call for jobs in a blog, is this a good idea? Well why not, so leaving it in.

A friend with an amazing mind Michael Sean Gallagher just got a professor position at the prestigious, international Hankuk University and as I am so eager to learn how that happens I could not wait to ask him how he did it: networking and putting his work out there was his answer.

But even with a network, publications, projects under my belt... the thing I am missing is how to go about it? How can I get hold of positions opening up and me getting there? And do you really need to go through all the hoops (postdoc, fellowship... I do not even know all the names). Or maybe I should create hoops? There must be some backchannel to get in a position based on expertise, drive, capacity to go where no research human has gone before? Or maybe that is more a corporate option? ... Well, that would be the position I would go for anyway.