Friday, 28 December 2012

End of a personal era at the Institute of Tropical Medicine

Today is my last day at the Institute of Tropical Medicine. After a wonderfully inspiring six years, I am clearing out my office and preparing myself to set sail for a new professional horizon.
In these six years I have understood that joining hands with others is the best way to move forward. I was blessed to travel and work in different continents, to meet people all across the globe and realize that we are all in this together, trying to reach the same goals. I met so many people, all giving it their best, making this world a better place, optimizing learning and health care for all… and simply having fun while moving forward. The educational innovation projects were multiple, ranging between online learning projects for health care workers across the globe, to MOOC’s, to mobile learning projects targeting rural areas across the globe. 
As I had the opportunity to give presentations in a wide variety of places, collaborate on projects in all sorts of places and write up a number of research papers… I am now ready to start a PhD track and explore new options while researching my passion: technology enhanced education for all. In the last few years I jumped in on every new trend that got me excited: QRcodes emerged, MOOC’s started to take off, mobile learning became universally integrated and online learning moved from sporadic towards a global trend.
In the next few weeks I will have some time off, take my oral exam to finalize my Master in Education on mLearning at Athabasca University, finish an eBook, finalize a business plan, set up workshops across four continents and … get ready to travel down to the Centre for Education and Educational Technology or  CREET in the United Kingdom, my next stop to increase my knowledge, collaborate with inspiring people and nurture my happy, hungry mind.
Happy endings, and wishing you all inspiring new beginnings in 2013!