Thursday, 28 July 2011

Free #eLearning magazines to follow with interest

This week the Learning Solutions magazine published an article I wrote on MOOCs as a new eLearning frontier. As I was writing the article, I suddenly noticed I had not mentioned my two favorite free and inspiring accessible, online eLearning magazines:

Learning Solutions magazine,
eLearn magazine.

If you have not put them in your RSS feed or if you have not connected to their e-mail newsletter, take a minute to get to know these magazines. They will keep you up to speed on various eLearning topics.

Learning Solutions magazine
This magazine is published by the knowledgeable Bill Brandon. The magazine is linked to the eLearning Guild. The eLearning Guild manages to bring together academics, the corporate world, and all of us interested in eLearning solutions. The magazine is published on a weekly basis and features a wide variety of topics, always keeping the articles brief yet filled with relevant and useful information. Since 2002 the learning solutions magazine published 430 articles.

The eLearn magazine
The eLearn magazine is published by ACM. They feature a variety of topics, including best practice and tips for online learning and research and case studies on eLearning. Their advisory board consists of eLearning experts (Jane Bozarth, Roger Schank, Lisa Gualtieri, Janet Clarey, Clark Quinn... all wonderful people that you can easily exchange ideas with as well) making their articles a good read.