Friday, 24 June 2011

#MobiMOOC has ended #eduMOOC will start

The MobiMOOC experience was (and is still) a blast. The MOOC format worked well and for many of the MobiMOOC'rs including myself, the knowledge that was shared amongst all of the MobiMOOC participants was incredibly enlightening.

For those interested in getting into another educational MOOC, feel free to join the EduMOOC that will cover the idea of Online Learning Today and ... Tomorrow. This MOOC is organized by the Center for Online Learning, Research and Service at the University of Illinois Springfield and yes, it will be a great experience. Currently over 1800 interested people registered for the course.

The EduMOOC will start this Monday, 27th of June 2011 and it will cover 8 weeks of intense and powerful educational topics. Each EduMOOC week will cover a different educational topic:

And each topic will be facilitated by a team of knowledgeable educational guru's. The EduMOOC uses googlegroups: When you're ready to participate in the discussions, you may go directly to and they have a twitter hashtag #edumooc.

As with all MOOC's this is a free course, so join all of us participants and register today.