Friday 18 February 2011

Register for the Plymouth eLearning conference organized by Steve Wheeler

The wonderful and enlightened Steve Wheeler is organizing the 6th Plymouth e-Learning conference that will last for three days: 6, 7, and 8 April 2011. The central theme for this years conference will be: Learning in a Connected World, which is a hot topic by all means.

I hope some of you got your papers in, and if not, you can still just come over and join the conference.

There will be really great keynotes:
6 April:
Jane Seale: Jane’s research operates at the intersection of education, technology and disability and she has over 20 years of experience examining the role of technology in promoting inclusion, particularly for those with learning disabilities. This is a keynote I look forward to, as E.A. Draffan frequently pushes me to remember people with different abilities when I build e/m-Learning projects. I will learn a lot, I am sure (and happy).

7 April:
Stephen Heppel: yes, thát Stephen who is supposedly to put the 'C' into ICT. Since 2004 he has a global, florishing policy and learning consultancy He is a renowned keynote speaker who inspires. Which is why I choose to embed one of his keynote speeches.

John Davitt: journalist and educator, John has written for several news papers/journals and worked extensively with teachers in schools in UK, USA, China and Africa. He is committed to leveling the playing field regarding access to new learning opportunities. Yes, a man who speaks to my heart, so looking forward to shake his hand and get a picture.

8 April
Me, I look at myself as the wild card in the bunch, and that is just stimulating. I must admit thought that I feel the anxiety coming as it will be a challenge to add anything to the central idea of the conference after having such wonderful keynote people speaking the days before. So writing with passion to get my abstract to the keynote ready (Steve, it is coming!). If you have ideas for my keynote, feel free to share, I am trying to make sense of mashing up these ideas: mLearning, augmentation, MOOC, learning analytics, and our common telepathic/tele-kinect-ed future.

If I understand correctly all the keynotes will be Ustreamed and shared, yes!

Wondering what the central content of the theme will be? This is it, straight from Steve's keyboard ...
"We live in a world of increased mobility where proliferation of smart, mobile technologies is creating a host of new anytime, anywhere contexts. Pervasive computing and handheld devices are creating opportunities for learning to become ubiquitous – anytime, anywhere. Tech-savvy students are more demanding, and often less comfortable with traditional settings and homogenized provision where ‘one size fits all’. There is a migration of students toward tools and services that are beyond the control of the institution. The emerging social media of Web 2.0 are more flexible, sociable and more visually attractive. The surge in popularity of user generated content (including the likes of Wikipedia) is challenging the long held beliefs that experts are the main arbiters of knowledge. The informality of massively multiplayer online games is pushing informal learning to the fore. In short, we live and learn in a connected world.

Schools, colleges and universities are attempting to change to adapt to these new needs and expectations, but such transformation can be slow and problematic. The 6th Plymouth e-Learning Conference will highlight the need for innovative solutions in education and training, and will provide opportunities for delegates to discuss the tensions that exist between institutional provision and personalised learning. We will explore a number of issues surrounding the use of technologies in learning, providing a platform for informed debate across all sectors of education and training. The conference will showcase key examples of e-learning research, innovative use of new and established learning technologies, practical solutions, debates and speculative pieces on the future of education in a connected world."

So come over to Plymouth, enjoy the countryside and discuss with the rest of us.