Tuesday, 31 August 2010

WeFi: a nice way to stay connected globally, without cost

While traveling, many of us don't know where to find the nearest wifi spot, hence paying through the nose to get on the internet with our mobile devices (well, some of us, like me). Sometimes I know where the nearest hotspot is, but in many cases and especially in a foreign country, I need to really search intensely to get WiFi hotspot location information.

For all of us wanting to get to the nearest WiFi hotspot, there is a really nifty mobile software: WeFi. This easy to download application is available for Symbian, Windows Mobile and Android devices. It does not only show you where the nearest hot-spot is (a real easy to read map), it also puts newly found hotspots immediately on the worldwide map, hence updating the latest hot-spots as well. Look at the movie to find out more on the community based mapping of hotspots.

WeFi also automatically connects with hot-spots near you (but you can also not to go that route, by not putting your wifi on).

How to install it on your wifi-enabled phone and start? Simply go to www.wefi.com via your mobile internet and WeFi will recognize your operating system and send you to the download site.