Monday 27 July 2009

Join the CCK09 course on Connectivism and Connective Knowledge

Straight from George Siemens and Stephen Downes' CCK09 post (sorry for copy paste, but on vacation so a bit relaxed and lazy :-)

George Siemens and Stephen Downes will co-facilitate the course. The support wiki for the course provides additional information in the coming weeks.

"Connectivism and Connective Knowledge 2009

Given the interest in the Connectivism and Connective Knowledge course Stephen and I delivered in 2008, ’re pleased to announce an open version of the same course for fall of this year.

You can register to receive course information here. The course will be delivered in the same method as last year: content and conversations will be open. Learners that would like formal credit as part of the Certificate in Emerging Technologies for Learning can enroll through University of Manitoba’s Extended Education Faculty.

The course will begin on September 14, 2009.

If you were registered for The Daily last year, you will need to register again (the archives from last year are still available, but we are starting with a new subscriber base).

What will we be doing differently this year?

We will again open up the course so participants can take the course in any direction/space/mode that they find useful. Our goal is to provide a starting point for participants to build a distributed infrastructure for innovative conversations.

The content of the course will change somewhat, and we’ll bring in a new group of guest speakers.

Two areas of interest personally:

I would also like to see a greater focus on research. If you are interested in conducting research on the course, please contact us.

Given advancements in “messing with data”, I would love to see the the creative genius of people like Tony Hirst applied to producing innovative constellations of patterns of conversations.

Over the next few weeks, we will update the course site/wiki, schedule, and speakers list. Suggestions, as always, are welcome…"


  1. What are your plans this fall? Are you going to be part of the mega course?

  2. hi Ruth,
    Yes, I will be joining, but limiting myself beforehand. Last year I was not doing all together well with time and self-pacing. This year I will try a more zen-approach :-)
    Will you be joining this years course?