Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Tikitag: the Internet of Things is now available

Today a Belgian invention called Tikitag was launched to the public. Tikitag uses RFID as the main communication form between ... things. The promoters behind this idea is Alcatel-Lucent, a mobile and very inventive company.

So what is it? Tikitag enables users to get information through a microchip that is embedded in whatever 'thing' you might be interested in. This microchip can start other software to begin a certain procedure or it can simply deliver, transfer data or information between 'things'. If you want to read the sales pitch, you can. I prefer the youTube version of the product (here the demo on 'social business card' that shows all the social media in which the person on the business card is involved):

For those who want to get started, the website includes a comprehensive manual (short and handy).

They also used the marketing idea of getting users to post possible ideas and applications for the tikitag. The ideas that came up in the tikitag forum so far are interesting for all marketeers.

So today I have ordered my Tikitag starter pack (39,45 EUR or 49,95 USD) from the tikitag store that can be purchased from Amazon (yes, Alcatel Lucent has good business people).

There are some similarities with the QRcodes, but because tikitag use a chip more data can be transferred. It will be interesting to make a comparison between both these technologies in a real life product world. A superb bonus: you can 'build your own application' also... let's face it, it sounds promising!

(will be continued)