Wednesday 23 January 2008

testing gogofrog

Gogofrog delivers easy to construct 3D-websites. So I was taking a look to investigate if I could use it as a 3D virtual classroom. Nicola Avery told me about this tool.

In the sign-up section (no protection on the password or any other data that you put in on the login page, so you better be careful), can choose between a number of options. I choose the club/association option hoping it would fit a virtual classroom environment.

You can add different features to the wall, mainly text and/or images, but also add a forum or a blog. There is a possibility to show an image gallery which works fine. The images that are posted on the wall are visible in the room.

Trying to integrate a blog from outside did not work, it took a lot of download time and it did not open. But adding a blog for the room itself worked like a charm. I did miss the visualisation of the blog, but then again by leaving it until a person looks into the blog saves bandwidth.

The forum was okay, but you had to go up to the wall and add something to make it visible. Adding an external forum did not work.

There is an opportunity to build different rooms with different topics, which is very nice. You go to a different room by adding a ‘doorway’.

The possibility to add furniture was nice, but not crucial for the use of the program itself. It did augment the design though.

There is a chat integration possibility, which works with avatars and an easy text writing feature.

Once you have activated (= published) the site, you can easily access the website with the arrow controls on your keyboard and you mouse.

Overal gogofrog is really easy to work with. If gogofrog or similar softwares improve and enable different, more active attachments, it might be really handy to get some quick virtual class together with minimal ‘how to’ guidelines. That would take the pressure of having to dive into virtual worlds and would give people with a limited experience in virtual life a taste of easy learning in an online environment. Small userfriendly virtual classrooms... I think it might be a market. The fact that the interactivity is limited could be a setback in comparison with other 2D virtual classrooms, but still it is worth keeping on top of.

Visit this Gogofrog site to get a better idea:

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  1. in addition to the post - thanks to Nicola - you can integrate your blog into gogofrog by importing the rss feed of the blog of interest.

    Thanks Nicola!