Thursday 13 September 2007

mobile update

Just stumbled on an interesting mobile platform: , I will be testing this platform in the next couple of weeks. Looks easy and nice.

I also found a really great personal wiki for mobile devices which works like clockwork on my HTC: Blade wiki.

And I made myself member of the eLearning guild to get some extra knowledge on what is out there and to get the ITM mobile projects better known to the rest of the learning developers.


  1. Hello! Wow! Belgium! I'm very happy about founding your blog and looking forward to reading about your learning experiences in Belgium.
    The eLearning Guild is a great place for information and its NOT just for eLearning professionals. The information and data will benefit many across disciplines. Welcome to the blogosphere!

  2. Thanks Brent

    Just signed in as a member of the eLearning Guild and looking forward to the knowledge exchange.